Fundamental CAMP

The company mantra is:  Work Smarter & Have Fun. It's the same approach we take to our studies and in our lives.

"What exactly is the 'Fundaground®' and what does the C.A.M.P. stand for?" "What is the meaning behind the logo mark?" "Is it just another street-wear brand?" "So you're a lifestyle brand?" 

Work Smarter: When putting that work in that is necessary be clean, efficient and organized.

Have Fun: I only do art and creative things because it's fun to dullness ratio! The amount of fun we have in our lives is based in how we align our thinking.

Our Logomark:The Calculator CAMP STAMP

The Calculator: The CAMP Stamp logo is  composed of the basic mathematical symbols: The deeper meaning is to serve as a reminder of the polarity or duality in all things. Hopefully before one acts with haste that they can look objectively at the situation with a cool head and see the positive or negative (+ or -) How we can and should use our times constructivly (x), and finally the how and who we share (÷) or divvy up our time with. Spending time with loved ones in activity is crucial to fostering the idea of happiness.

Keeping this at heart, we should be able to calculate and solve any problem in our life. This message is universal. Learn the fundamentals of life. This insignia is a sign to be mindful of the existing governing laws of the universe while living each of our lives to the fullest!

What does C.A.M.P. mean? Let's take a trip through the mind and explore it. As youth, we loved Summer and being out of school and have some time to enjoy doing something that revolved around fun. Maybe that is why we all still feel that summer magic kick in soon as June comes. The various outside activities were in getaways camps, summer schools, etc. We embody the idea of continued self education. The library card and the internet, and pen and pencil is all you need to start doign something you always want to. I acquire great skill and learned social lessons in camp. Why did the fun have to stop like this when we got older? Take a trip, read a new book, go to the museum, meditate in the park. Have Fun®!

The C in Fundamental C.A.M.P is for Creatives. We dream, think, problem solve;then we pick our pens and sketch out solutions. From our drawing launch pad we bring forth ideas and concepts for our clients to assist them with making there ideas come to fruition. We are Artists. We take our crafts seriously; whether it is offering your corporate package a make over or working on our own brands visuals, we seek to give therapy through suggestive colorways and crafty solutions. We are Marketing specialist. Any person stepping into the market place knows that presence is the essence of business. If you have to get the word out, what better way than strategically employing placement and causation behind your brand? And Lastly, but not least, we are Products. Under the name Fundamental C.A.M.P. are the subsidiary brands: Hai Chi Zu ®, Funkin' Gonuts ® Ask Born@ and Bornappetit ®, covering Clothing and accessories, Japanese Inpired novelties,  DJ'ing services and Music Production, Literature and Veg/an Food culture, respectively.  So, as we proceed to give you what you need it is with great hopes and aspiration that we bring to you my brainchild. 6lbs 9oz.  Thank you for your support and playing a part in making Fundamental C.A.M.P. a reality.